I was browsing in Waterstones and came across Subversive cross stitch, a book by Julie Jackson. There are definitely parallels with Tilleke Schwartz work, using traditional embroidery to make untraditional statements and commenting on contemporary language today. So having always assumed that cross stitch had to be from a kit and had to include twee animals I have put together a small sample:

I’m a gorgeous

When I was in the embroidery shop in the Grassmarket I saw a great flyer for a workshop on contemporary crafts at the Collective Gallery. The ad included a tiny cross stitch with something along the lines of ‘Hang out your draws’ and was shaped and stuffed as a tiny pair of knickers. I have never been into pincushions but now I want one! So I am currently thinking of ideas for my own pincushion – bra?! T-shirt?

This would also be a great idea for making birthday cards. ‘You’re a gorgeous’, ‘Happy **** Birthday’.