This project will form the basis of the Observational Drawing Unit and underpin the development of our initial Textile Techniques for the term.

“Beginning with the creation of a unique thread, 1 meter in length, you will develop a series of quick studies using various media as suggested by the tutor. This first ‘string’ will be constructed in neutral tones.

Please bring a selection of small amounts of:

  • Threads/yarns/rags/bandage
  • Pins/staples/cable-ties/safety-pins
  • Paper/plastic/cloth/mesh/net
  • Needles/scissors/hole punches
  • Ribbon/elastic/wire

Together with information gathered during exhibition visits and a foraging trip to the shore, you will develop further ‘string journeys’ and associated research”.

Ink drawing            Collage

Detail with music       String 1 detail        10 min drawing         Leaf detail