String journey continued with drawing and observation including:

  1. 1 1/2 hour observational drawing using textured background
  2. Drawing with wrong hand
  3. Drawing on tracing paper with ink and continuous line
  4. ‘Drawing’ with string
  5. Collage with floral wallpaper
  6. Collage including pen/pencil
  7. Quink ink with bleach drawing and oil pastel colour highlights
  8. Emulsion worked into with combs, forks, pins
  9. Photography

Tutorial on Wednesday:

  1. Talking about exhibitions
  2. Logbooks and making these personal rather than just scrap books

Got me thinking about why I am doing this course? Is it to get into art school or to set up a business where I can work and enjoy what I do…

Emulsion painting

Ink on tracing paper continuous drawingDrawing with the wrong handString collageMusicCollage with stringMasking tape collageWallpaper collage

Oil pastel drawing