Continuing with the String Journey theme, we have been asked to create a new ‘string’ inspired by one of the exhibitions we had seen in week 1. I choose an Andy Warhol theme looking at consumerism. It seems in the 1950s and 60s there was more optimise about consumerism and the new products that were being made, new fridges, bright packaging, new fashions etc.

I am currently reading Tom Hodgkinson’s How to be Free, and this got me thinking about a more sustainable approach to life and living. However it is not so simple, as while I hate all the packaging and feelings of excess, I still enjoy shopping and a good Starbucks coffee. I also wanted to include handicrafts – such as knitting as these seem to slow us down and break us out of constant consuming.

My string included: knitted plastic bags, fruit packaging mesh/netting, headphones, knitting needles, wool labels, shopping receipts, Cd’s, plastic bags with hand embroidery.

We then spent the week drawing the strings using a variety of coloured media including dyes, oil pastels and collage. The strings were first drapped round a number of manniquns on the table and then added to their posts so that they looked like a group of people. The aim first was to focus on pattern and texture, and then later in the week to explore perspective and scale.

knitted plastic bag  Manniquins  Headphone detail