For my latest knitting project I have decided to go back to a scarf – sometimes I just need the satisfaction of a project that grows quickly and easily. This scarf was actually an impulse buy in John Lewis as they had a free pattern with each ball of Kidsilk Haze/Spray/night. Essentially the pattern is 4 rows of knit, purl, pattern, knit making quite easy to get into a rhythm.

I went for a grey Kidsilk Night shot through with silver. I had never really been attracted to grey before, but after trying on the gorgeous Odd Molly knit tunic in grey I have been converted – it seems to go well with my ginger locks! To add a bit of spice I have also included a range of silver, clear and petrol grey beads to give it a bit of a sparkle.

So here is the completed scarf:

  Lacy scarf  Lacy scarf detail