After a bank holiday Monday, we were asked to bring all of our work into the studio and to pin it up for review. Some of my completed pieces included a ink and bleach drawing of my first string journey, a Warhol inspired headphones picture taken from my second coloured string journey (which included large hand stitching with wool for the cords), and an oil pastel drawing on tracing paper of my knitted plastic bags and a Irn Brew can ‘flower’:

 Bleach and ink 

Andy warhol inspired headphones Knitted plastic bags and irn brew can

This included discussing what other subjects the forms in our drawings alluded to, such as organic forms or brightly painted mosaic and ceramics.  We also spent a day looking at Bas Relief – taking one detail of our drawing and building it up to represent the texture of the detail (i.e. knitted wool). This essentially involved sculpting a single area so that it is built up (and therefore more substantial than collage). I experimented with tissue paper and string:

Bas relief

We also made a start on our A3 sketchbooks this week, observing a single object (sunglasses in my case) from a range of different angles and perspectives.

 Sketchbook sunglasses