Machine embroidery workshop looking at:

  1. Machine basics, plugging in, threading up etc
  2. How to maintain and service a sewing machine
  3. Range of stitches including outlining and filling in with free machine embroidery, whip stitch, cord stitch and tailors tacks (resulting in great raised surface).
  4. Applique and reverse applique

Developing dyed clothes from the previous week using machine embroidery and over dying as appropriate based on the body of drawings we have been putting together.

String embroidery

Included cutting a stencil to recreate mosaic effect of knitted plastic bags. Applique and reverse applique also to include more unusual materials such as plastic and paper.

Applique using melted plastic bags on heat transfered printed cloth:


Reverse applique using printed and dyed felt background, sheer fabric and plastic bags – including free machine embroidery:

Reverse applique