Shibori workshop on Monday.

“Shibori is the collective term in Japanese for tie-dye, stitch-dye, fold-dye, pole wrap-dye, etc. It is translated into English as shaped-resist dyeing, because no comparable embracing term exists in English.”

Number of samples including:

  1. Wrapping fabric around a large tube and using elastic bands for the resist (resulting in pink sample)
  2. Folding fabric into a fan (blue sample)
  3. Using heat transfer dyed synthetic fabric and buttons in heat press to create very textured piece (yellow/orange sample)

Shibori samples

The most successful sample included using plastic string to tie small glass beads on a turquoise blue piece of habotai silk:

Shibori sample

This resulted in a very sculptured and stretchy sample.

Some of my other samples were less successful – largely because the resist was not applied tight enough (i.e. wrapping fabric with string around a block covered with cling film) or applied too tight (in the case of folding and using a ‘G’ clamp).