Visit to the the City Art Centre to view the new crafts exhibition: Scissors paper stone.

The CAC website describes the exhibition as:

“An exhibition of innovative contemporary craft by makers who live, work or have trained in Edinburgh. Ten makers have been commissioned to create new work inspired by the theme of ‘Edinburgh’. Their responses are original and diverse, and a wide range of crafts is represented, including book art, ceramics, glass, fibre art, jewellery, silver/metal work, millinery and textile art.

On display is work by Helen Beard, Malcolm Cruickshank, Felicity Faichney, Linda Fraser, Rachel Hazell, Anna King in collaboration with Valerie Gillies, Deirdre Nelson in collaboration with Juliette MacDonald, Katie Pica, Jessica Townsend and Katharina Vones.”

Our brief for creating a textile artifact includes designing the final piece to be displayed within the gallery space. The artists used a wide range of different ways of displaying their work:

  1. Ceramic organic forms placed on a light-box raised slightly from the floor
  2. Glass boxes filled with glass furniture models suspended from the ceiling by chains and lit from the side creating shadows of the interiors
  3. A hung textile on the wall
  4. Headdresses presented on mannequins on plinths
  5. Silver mask suspended within a glass box
  6. Installation piece including table laid out with coffee cups and tea clothes hung on the wall
  7. Photos suspended from both floor and ceiling using string
  8. Walking sticks laid against the wall and a textile hanging in the centre which visitors can walk around
  9. A range of plinths at different heights to display ceramic bowls and mugs with images of different sights around Edinburgh
  10. Insect like jewellery presented within glass domes

There were 3 textile pieces in the exhibition:

  1. Textile artist Deirdre Nelson and Dr Juliette MacDonald combine the use of fine intricate embroidery and mass produced crockery to explore the social freedom women gained during 18th century Edinburgh.
  2. An embroidered quilt details the past 25 years of Malcolm Cruickshank’s life in Edinburgh incorporating illustrations of photography from his childhood contrasted with current images in the same locations.
  3. Fibre artist Anna S King and Edinburgh Makar Valerie Gillies collaborate on a mixed media installation about the Royal Mile and Edinburgh’s old town cries:

Anna King

Some sketches from my notebook:

Notes notes1