Just finished knitting a chevron scarf using the pattern from one of my favourite knitting books – Last Minute Knitted Gifts.


I decided to use the recommended Koigu Premium Painter’s Palette Merino (KPPPM), bought from UK online retailer Get Knitted. The yarn was dispatched very quickly and looked beautiful all twisted up in skeins.


However the experience really did highlight the potential perils of ordering yarn online and not getting to play with the colours next to each other. While the result provides an interesting contrast – the green and orange in the two yarns tend to jar a little. That said I am not too disappointed with the results:


 Full scarf:


If I was to knit this project again I would definitely choose a different level of contrast – either something more subtle or with lots more contrast. Lots and lots of examples can be found on flicker here.

 As the yarn was getting a wee bit pricey at £8.50 a pop I decided to use just one skein of each of the two colours there were to be stripped (the rest will be used for socks). This resulted in a scarf about 55 inches long, opposed to the 77 1/2 inches recommended in the pattern. This feels plenty long enough for both a traditional scarf or a head scarf – but not both at the same time as shown in the book photo.

I blocked the scarf using a excellent steam iron and ensuring that the iron did not touch the wool itself., stopping the yarn getting too flattened and lifeless, a mistake I have made with some of my machine knitted pieces in the past…