Next week we have to hand in all our sketchbooks, drawings and final pieces for a mid-year assessment. The focus of my week has been on procuring from the college some ‘tensa barriers’ similar to those used to encourage orderly queuing in banks, supermarkets and the post-office. My original idea was that the pockets would be hung from the barrier in a straight line at pocket level and allow people to walk around them.

However while I was waiting for the barriers I explored some other possibilities of displaying and arranging my 21 pockets. First of all displaying them in the traditional way that a pair of pockets would have been worn under a lady’s skirt.


As a skirt or a dress

pocket-skirt-for-web.jpg pocket-dress.jpg

As cargo pants

pocket-cargo-pants.jpg pocket-cargo-pants-2.jpg

My current plan is to go for a mannequin with the two pockets with the tensa barriers around it, keeping the theme of consumerism going. However am also attracted to the 21 pocket skirt, reflecting perhaps that where 2 pockets were sufficient in the past, the modern woman needs a lot more to accommodate all her stuff!