We submitted all our work so far for assessment on Monday, so we were set some activities for Wednesday. This included going to Edinburgh College of Art’s 3rd year work-in-progress design exhibition, part of the School’s open week.

There was an impressive selection of coats designed by the fashion students. These were all made from felt cloth in primary colours creating the feeling of a complete collection. The overall inspiration included looking at the design of the Bauhaus.


Each coat was also tagged with the personal inspiration of each student, for example one person looking at 1960s and more recent robot toys and the joins between the limbs.


There was also a sponsored project for the textile class involving creating a screen printed design which was then interpreted in knit and knitted up as a commercial blanket. The influences again varied from traditional Scottish images of stags to paper folded origami dolls. Many of these were very beautiful.


  • We were also asked to go to Harvey Nichols to look at the new collections, especially looking at any pieces (accessory or clothing) that we were attracted to. This included noting finishing details such as collars, necklines, cuffs, detailing, ruffles etc.
  • Finally we are to source 2 shirts for manipulating next week. Ideally these should be different from each other – synthetic v. natural, men’s v. woman’s, plain v. fancy etc.
  • Thursday then saw the start of our Digital Imaging and Life Drawing classes.