I work just round the corner from the Patriothall Gallery in Stockbridge, Edinburgh and was really excited by the Great Exhibition 2008 – a contemporary response to Victoriana worked in felt and other textile techniques as it reflected the type of installation work we have all been working on as part of my HND in textiles and fashion.

Pieces that really caught my interest included Jeanette Sendler’s Mapping the Body. This included a costume using printed dress making patterns combined with geographic patterns – a map of Newburgh in Fife. The piece represented a story of a young woman coming to Edinburgh to work making clothes whose mind keeps wondering back to the streets of Newburgh.


Nathalie Cortada’s look at death in Victorian times included a crocheted skull – reflecting the popularity of the craft at the time:


Jennie Loudon’s dolls creating The Freak Show reflecting the popularity of travelling fairs in Victorian times:

dolls2.jpg dolls1.jpg

Eleanor Symms’ felted parasol exploring the work of Anna Atkins and her pioneering work in botanical photography: