This week focused on sewing construction techniques including:

  1. Seams of different widths
  2. Top stitching & edge stitching
  3. Insertion seams – trapping lace into the seam for decorative effect
  4. Bagging corners
  5. Double ended darts
  6. Patch pockets
  7. A variety of hems
  8. Bias binding

I am particularly taken with the bias binding, especially with all the possibilities of making your own bias trim through printing etc.


It also takes some of the mystery out of adding bias binding to clothes as a decorative detail. I just love the detail on this Avoca Anthology jacket:


We also looked at English (trapping wadding between two sheets of cloth), Italian (raising channels within the cloth) and Trapunto (creating individual raised sections) quilting which provide lots of scope for creating interesting and architectural textures: