I really want to start improving my drawing skills and am really enjoying life drawing at college. As a top up I have started going to the drop in life drawing sessions at Out of the Blue on Dalmeny Street in Leith, Edinburgh.

 The class is really relaxed and I couldn’t think of a nicer way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The class costs £7 for two hours and £10 for three hours. The model starts with a few short poses and moves onto longer 45minutes poses. If you are interested in going along contact Leigh at leigh.cho@hotmail.co.uk.

As a result of our classes at Telford, one of the things I am trying to force myself to do is not to go straight into the outline of the figure (which is oh so tempting) but to focus on the main axis points along the shoulders, spin and hips before drawing in the tone to give a far more solid and three dimensional result.


The key for me is to really observe the unique figure in front of me and not to be lazy – for example not assuming that I know what an arm or a leg look like, but really looking at the arm or leg in front of me.


I find foreshortening really forces me to draw what I see rather than what I think I see although it can be really frustrating…


Life drawing also complements my meditation class where we are encouraged to be in the present moment and really see and look at things as they are, seeing and appreciating their natural beauty. It is suggested that it is only in the present moment that we can be at peace, especially when we can set our egos and worry aside. I know that when I focus all my attention on the model and observing and worry less about the end result that I really am at peace and learning to see the world differently. And this is perhaps what art and creativity should be all about…