Week 23 already! This week we continued looking at garment construction and detailing including:

  1. Button holes
  2. Rouleaux and using these as button loops or as ties between 2 edges of fabric
  3. Gathers – longest stitch on machine & hand embroidery
  4. Pleats – box pleats and pleats to one side

The next task was to create mood boards for our shirts based on a combination of architecture and one of the 6 Autumn/Winter trends for 2008. My theme of choice was Makershifters which came with ‘paper architecture’ as one of the key words.


A quick search on Google quickly brought up some amazing origamic architectural models of buildings such as Notre Dame.


I was then attracted to money origami which people use for leaving cash tips – this included this beautiful 3 dollar origami flower and a 1 dollar shirt – should definitely fit in with overall consumerist theme running through my first project too.

dollar-shirt.jpg dollar-flower.jpg

I have also been looking at architecture at Telford College itself and in the surrounding neighbourhood. I was especially taken with these images of peeling paint:

pinkpaint.jpg green-paint.jpg

Final mood board looking at origami and folded fabric inspiration: