We were kept busy with a wide variety of activities this week:


Starting off we made a number of Collograph printing blocks using found objects such as cardboard, netting, lace, packaging, rice, lentils, pasta. These were all stuck onto a cardboard base to make a raised collage which could be used for printing. To make the print blocks more robust the collographs were varnished with three layers of quick drying varnish. Interestingly the blocks themselves are beautiful as objects in their own right.


We will be printing next Monday…

Surface techniques

1. Felt making – sampling a sheet of handmade white felt, and a piece of nuno felt using muslin with a felt grid laid over the top.

2. Bonding fabrics using the embellisher – worked best with two pieces of felt but also experimented with bonding over locking thread.

4. Experimenting with aqua film to create a thread grid (based on architecture), an edge design and a ‘bridge’ between 2 sheets of fabric.

5. Prairie pointswhich originate from quilting but have lots of scope for adding details to my upcoming shirt design, and for experimenting with folding and origami techniques.