A new knitting boutique has recently opened in Edinburgh called K1 yarns. Stocking lots of locally produced Scottish yarns I ended up coming away with the most gorgeous skein of Old Maiden Aunt’s cashmere / silk 2 ply in Cherry. I decided that I definately wanted to feel the soft texture against my neck but was fed up of making conventional scarves.

I then remembered the cowl lace rib pattern on Purl Bee. Knitted in the round with addi turbo needles I initally found the knitting hard work as my points were not very sharp and my stitches were too tight. After loosening up I got into the rythm of the pattern and enjoyed the wonderful cherry red yarn going through my hands. However my cowl ended up pretty wide!

The good news is that it was long enough to go round my neck twice which actually added more body and warmth to the whole scarf.

And this being Scotland I think that I will be getting lots of wear out of it before Summer begins…