I have been sampling like mad for the dress design for Harvey Nichols. My samples have been based on the patterns I have developed by playing with cropping and repeats of the photos I took of signs across the college campus:

We have been asked to explore a wide range of techniques. I have explored the following:

  1. Printing using stencil & opaque ink
  2. Printing using screen printing & opaque ink
  3. Aqua suede applied using stencil and heat press for 1 minute
  4. Foiling using bonda web
  5. Foiling using adhesive applied through stencil
  6. Flocking using bondaweb
  7. Flocking using adhesive applied through stencil
  8. Appliqué using bonda web
  9. Machine embroidery and printing
  10. Reverse appliqué

Some of the most successful techniques included flocking and printing with aqua suede printing ink.

Purple aqua suede:

Stencil printing:

Here are some of the samples which have been mounted in my sketchbook: