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My shirt is finished!

Shirt on its own:

And the accessory:


I started work on the final shirt using the white shirting cotton we had all been provided with. The big break through however was making my own cover buttons.

I started by transfering my origami paper onto white cotton using Dylons image transfer paper (4 sheets for over £4 – apparently Tesco do a much cheaper version). This involved photocopying the image onto the transfer paper and then ironing the image onto the cloth for 5 minutes. The final cloth had an oil cloth finish and was really accurate although the pink did come out as more of an orange/red.

I then used a button kit that I had bought on ebay and followed the tutorial provided on the Purl Bee here. The kit included a couple of widgets that pushed the fabric around the button and ending up stretching the fabric round the button itself. This resulted in by far the best finish (people asked me where I had bought the finished buttons from!). I also needed some larger buttons and ended up using a different kit that involved doing a running stitch around the edge of the button and then pulling this tight. The buttons looked good from a distance but were not quite so smart close up.

I am really inspired by this technique and can’t wait to experiment with some other designs – perhaps using prints of insects, text or lettering to spell out messages…