I had an incredible opportunity this Summer to work with a freelance textile artist in Scotland. This involved being given my own brief focusing on paisley prints, and tones of blue for a transitional Autumn/Winter market. We worked through the whole process:

  1. Research
  2. Developing print designs using Adobe PhotoShop
  3. Printing designs out onto tracing paper
  4. Exposing silkscreens using printed designs
  5. Mixing ink colours
  6. Printing fabrics
  7. Pattern cutting and making up fabrics into garment fronts

I really enjoyed learning to screen print, and seeing the prints coming to life in full colour. Here are some of the prints:

And some more:

And an overview of the final 6 dresses:

The whole experience was really eye opening, giving¬†me a real insight into the industry – tight time scales (3 weeks rather than 3 months!) and the reality they you only get paid for the designs that sell…

The designs have now been sent off to an agent so I will wait and see if they hit the mark.