I went to see a talk with artist Kay Rosen at the Ingleby Gallery in Edinburgh today. I had not knowingly come across Kay’s work before but was quite taken by her exploration of using words as images and with playing with their arrangement to create new or added meanings. These are two works that stood out for me.

Memory of Red

Greyer G

(Images from http://www.kayrosen.com/work.html#public).

It is her sense of humour and not taking things too seriously that came across from the talk. In the past her work has been interpreted as being very political, highlighting specific political situations, however she was keen to assert that her intention was far broader than this. Although there was also an openness to and welcoming of other people’s interpretations of her work.

I am really interested in using more text in my own work and feel that this approach could lend itself to textile pieces very well. I will also do some research into concrete poetry and the work of artists such as Ian Hamilton Finlay who also explored using aesthetics to bring words to life, for example in his work acrobats:

(Image from http://jacketmagazine.com/15/ihf-pix/acrobats.gif).