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Design for garden coat and under outfit started in earnest this week…

Mood board 1 for garden coat using photo montage:

Mood board 2 for vintage inspired apron dress:

Sampling and fabric swatches to be added next week…


We have started sampling and working on new techniques including drawn thread work and devore.

Devore involved screen printing the devore paste onto the wrong side of the velvet cloth and then ironing it to create a reaction and remove the pile.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Over the coming weeks we will be working up these samples, dying them and adding to them with additional techniques.

The drawn thread work included looking a traditional and less traditional techniques:

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

We definitely have more work this year as we are currently working on two projects.


We have carried on drawing from the ferns and creating 3D models of ferns and other plant life.

Silhouette drawings used dyed waxed calico and red wire stitching:

3D ‘drawings’:

Negative space drawing:

Multimedia drawing of Moonwart fern:

and for the next project…


We have started off our design studies, and I have based mine around a bundle of return to sender envelopes that I have found. I have then added imagery from my box – icons and childhood imagery, and text from my quote. I have then painted the envelopes over with emulsion paint and used a scrapper to create pattern and texture:

and multiplied this up:

And then cut into some to create church windows:

and on a smaller scale:

And then experimenting with wax and tissue paper:

I am really enjoying experimenting with these colours, shapes and textures and will start thinking about my ‘banner’ next week…

It seems that there have been lots of articles in the newspapers over the last few weeks looking at fashion blogs which aren’t necessarily focusing on the cat walks but on the people attending the shows and also people on the street. My favourite include:

As we move onto our fashion project I am going to include these sites in my researh along with the usual industry publications (Drapers etc) and websites.

The weather has turned over the last week, demanding the cosiness of a warm scarf. I have been working on 2 scarves over the last few weeks (months in the case of the angora!) – one as a bus knitting project, and the other for knitting on the sofa.

I was given Kim Hargreaves Heartfelt Collection as a birthday present back in June and have been eyeing up the Haven Scarf pattern but was waiting for the colder weather to start… The scarf knitted up really quickly using Rowan’s Cocoon yarn and is in a gorgeous grey purple shade, which looks great with my red coat:

The pattern asked suggested 4 balls of yarn but I think that it is long enough with just the 3:

The second scarf made from Orkney Angora St Magnus 4 ply 100% angora has taken me a far while to knit, but was great for its repetitive quality on the bus – the pattern that came with the yarn from K1 Yarns used a two row repeat. The end result is incredibly light and fluffy and will look great with a grey jumper: