We definitely have more work this year as we are currently working on two projects.


We have carried on drawing from the ferns and creating 3D models of ferns and other plant life.

Silhouette drawings used dyed waxed calico and red wire stitching:

3D ‘drawings’:

Negative space drawing:

Multimedia drawing of Moonwart fern:

and for the next project…


We have started off our design studies, and I have based mine around a bundle of return to sender envelopes that I have found. I have then added imagery from my box – icons and childhood imagery, and text from my quote. I have then painted the envelopes over with emulsion paint and used a scrapper to create pattern and texture:

and multiplied this up:

And then cut into some to create church windows:

and on a smaller scale:

And then experimenting with wax and tissue paper:

I am really enjoying experimenting with these colours, shapes and textures and will start thinking about my ‘banner’ next week…