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I have been focusing on sampling and designing my ‘garden coat’.

One of my most successful samplings resulted from using puff paint on tweed, applied using a paper doyley template. This seems to be lending itself to a collar or cuff design:


Some experiments with dollies painted with puff paint and heated:

puff-paint-dollies  puff-paint-dollies2

Some experiments using photocopies and multiples:

collar-design  collar-design2  collar-design3

Some experiments using photocopies and draped fabric:

coat-design1  coat-design2  coat-design3  coat-design4  coat-design5  coat-design6  design7  design8

At the moment I feel that the designs are all a bit too dark and not feminine enough. I am looking for something very tailored and elegant with a quirky detailing that is interesting to the touch, and therefore interesting for people with sight impairments…


Well not exactly a jumper, but a cropped cardigan. The idea was to do something that would knit up quickly using a thick wool so that I wouldn’t get bored and give up but would give me the confidence to start jumper knitting…

The pattern was from Kim Hargreaves Heartfelt The Dark House Collection, and did knit up pretty quick.


The arms look long but once it is on the whole thing looks more in proportion. (Lady valet seems to have very narrow shoulders…). The pattern had the desired effect as I do now feel more confident. However I did not enjoy the sewing up process which seemed to take forever. So will go on the hunt for some patterns knitted in the round…

Playing with Christmas present ideas.

Traditional purse with metal frame and gorgeous blue and white check and tape measure print:


Inspired by very clear directions at:

Simple zipper purse with bias binding finish:


Inspired by directions at