I have been focusing on sampling and designing my ‘garden coat’.

One of my most successful samplings resulted from using puff paint on tweed, applied using a paper doyley template. This seems to be lending itself to a collar or cuff design:


Some experiments with dollies painted with puff paint and heated:

puff-paint-dollies  puff-paint-dollies2

Some experiments using photocopies and multiples:

collar-design  collar-design2  collar-design3

Some experiments using photocopies and draped fabric:

coat-design1  coat-design2  coat-design3  coat-design4  coat-design5  coat-design6  design7  design8

At the moment I feel that the designs are all a bit too dark and not feminine enough. I am looking for something very tailored and elegant with a quirky detailing that is interesting to the touch, and therefore interesting for people with sight impairments…