Over Christmas I kept myself busy working on the reverse applique for 3 panels of my coat:


And this week have focused on some further sampling to decide how to add some additional embellishment to the coat surface.

These include creating machine cords and couching these down. I have also been printing with puff paint and aqua suede to create interesting textures using paper doilies as a stencil – tying in with the whole house coat and domestic theme.

Couching using embroidery thread:


Couching machine threads, french knots and applique puff paint print:


Appliqued doilies treated with puff paint and aqua suede:


Puff paint doilies with beading details:


Aqua suede prints with beading:


Printed doilies with couched machine threads:


The next stage is to select the combination which will work on the coat and to get busy….