I found that I had got a wee bit overwhelmed with all the different strands of research that I had gathered and so decided to consolidate my key ideas into a moodboard using the inspiration of Desert Rose:


This feels alot better now allowing me to focus more…

I have also been thinking about my head piece this week, starting of with just playing with the different widths of sinamay bias strips I had made the week before. Starting off with upright coils that could eventually be attached to a classic Alice Band:


Then something a little less ordered:


Evolving into more of a ‘hat’:


Then framing the face with fabric and topping with a single rose:


I have also been exploring an alternative approach with a gorgeous turban that I picked up for £5 at vintage emporium Armstrongs:


Which could then become a base for a rose topped turban head piece:


With perhaps a gold highlight:


I have sent off for samples from a number of fabric suppliers for (silk if I win the lottery!) taffeta for my harem pants:

I am now preparing for the Easter holidays, and am looking forward to a trip to London to go to Berwick Street to visit The Cloth House et la. Heaven…