My artist’s dates over the last couple of weeks have involved making a few, and then a lot, of Suffolk puffs (also known as yo yos). Although I am not specifically following the Artists’ Way at the moment I am keen to create some space to explore some ideas on my own without any pressure of trying to sell or meet any specific brief. The idea is just to play and to let go of any specific results.

I bought a decent sized bag of gorgeous interior design fabrics from a closing down sale a couple of weeks ago and have been playing with the different textures since. I started with small Suffolk puffs which then started to grow:


And then moved onto some larger ones using dinner plates as a template:


I am not sure what I am going to do with them all yet but there is something very satisfying about arranging them all on a mannequin:


As the fabrics are all vintage inspired I have used vintage buttons which I had inherited from my mum and my Great Aunt. Some of them are just so beautiful. Not sure if I am going for total body cover yet or not, I will just have to wait and see where inspiration takes me next week…