Harem trousers were on my mind this week in a big way. The pattern is looking pretty mad:


The original pattern was created from a basic trouser block, and then purposely made too large so that I could play around with the shaping. I started by making a toile in jersey to see how it would hang, and then did a fitting pinning up the sides to get the shape I was after.


I then made a toile from the adapted pattern a second time using a non-stretchy fabric which is a closer match to my final cloth. The waist band and pleating at the top worked well however the bottoms of the trousers were just too tight. Bear in mind also that the trousers are intended for someone lots taller than me and wearing high heels….


So I adapted the pattern and toiled half a leg to check that they would fit.


So it looks like I am now well on my way. The next stage is finalising the finishing details including the zip at the back and buttons and button loops down the side of the calf and bottom of the trousers.