It all came together over the last week or so… Here is my organza top complete with three chains of fabric roses:

top with 3 fabric rose necklaces 

The fabric roses are made of a fair bit of fabric and so have a good weight. This means that I did not have to attach them to the top itself and was able to create three separate necklaces that could then be styled in different ways. For example, with a single strand…

top with single rose fabric necklace

With a long and a short necklace:

top with long and short necklace

And with two longer necklaces:

top with 2 fabric rose necklaces

I made each necklace with a tie closure so that the length could be adjusted as required. Each end of the rouleau loop was then finished with a cover button – tying in with the details on the harem trousers (see below…).

ties for fabric rose necklaces

The top itself is light weight and attached with a tie at the back of the neck – inspired by the scarves worn with Salwar Khamis style suits.

top back

The finished trousers are certainly eye catching and not for the faint hearted:

finished harem trousers

I am really pleased with how the buttons up the calf and outside leg worked out. The printed facing on the outside links in with the printing used for the roses themselves, and works well with the cover buttons and rouleau loops.

button and rouleau loop detail

We have a fashion show next week in town so hopefully I will get some pics of the full outfit on a living breathing model!