For my latest artist date I have been playing and creating fun headbands and fascinators. This was inspired by the short introduction to millinery on the HND and is well timed with the opening of craft superstore Hobby Craft in Edinburgh which has proven to be a good supplier of headbands, ribbon and fabric glue etc. Here are some rather ‘arty’ photos which demonstrate that I have never really got to grips with the timer on my camera!

feather fascinator

And a close up of the feathers and the covered headband:

feather headband

And as every girl knows, if one feather headband is good, two must be even better…

brown feather fascinator2

This close up shows the different colours of the feathers with blue and purple highlights:

brown feather fascinator

And of course with the summer wedding season getting into full swing, something a bit more over the top is also going to come into good use:

wedding fascinator

And with all the Suffolk puffs I have been making it was inevitable that one made it into one of the pieces:

wedding fascinator2

And who could resist such a  healthy plumage of feathers and net:

wedding fascinator3

If you are interested in having a go yourself feathers can be bought from C.J.Milinery and from etsy shops such as Do You feel the scent? However one of my next projects may well be making my own feather pads. Since I have started wearing my feather headpieces friends and family have started offering me bags of feathers…