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In the run up to the craft fair booked for December I have started on some variations of the spiral scarf pattern. This one was designed as a 40th Birthday present and used Colourmarts Nettle 4/14NM double twisted 100% cashmere yarn. As this is a thick yarn I used the lowest tension on my knitmaster (10) and it ran through ok. I also included some ‘missed’ stitches to get a laddered effect and add some texture to the surface.

I then machine washed it at 30 degrees and it fluffed up beautifully. This resulted in quite a thick and ‘serious’ scarf – probably entirely appropriate for the Scottish winter…

spiral 3 Spiral 1 spiral hanger


Thinking about christmas presents and up-coming Christmas fair:

  • Fair isle
  • Shabori style felted cashmere scarf
  • Spiral scarves

Also knitted up samples from Colourmart., which turned out to be very beautiful and soft after a quick 30 degree wash. Was delighted to discover that can also use DK weight on single bed standard gauge Knitmaster, as this creates as fantastic soft but dense fabric perfect for jumpers and scarves to survive the Edinburgh cold.

Best birthday present ever – 1 week machine knitting workshop at Jeanette Sendler’s studio with Barbara Ridland. (Mon 23rd – 27th July 2007)

The course included:

  • Introduction to single bed stitch structures
  • Introduction to different types of yarns, needles, various functions, material equipment
  • Developing samples. Compiling a portfolio, including hole stitching, weave, tuck, lace structures, hand finishing skills
  • Introduction to hand knit Fair Isle
  • Introduction to Shetland machine lace knitting
  • Hand finishing skills

Here are some of the samples and work that we created including a beautiful frill scarf – with very square points, a mesh effect, some hand lacing (to get an appreciation of how punch cards work), fairisle and a camisole top.

Frill scarfMesh knitLace by handFairisle sampleFrill 2Camisole