I should go to the theatre more often. I always enjoy it in one way or another. The Edinburgh Festival means that there is no excuse not to go, although the choice can be overwhelming. I have kicked off this year by going to see Zinnie HarrisFall at the Traverse Theatre.

It was quite simply one of the most gripping and thrilling theatre experiences I have had. The synopsis on the Traverse website reads:

“To make your future, do you have to murder the past?

In the aftermath of a horrific civil conflict, a new country is preparing for the mass execution of its war criminals. Kate knows nothing and everything about it. She knew one of the guilty men for 15 years and never suspected a thing.

As the city burns and the new government struggles to look credible to the rest of the world, Kate gets tragically caught up in their conspiracy.”

The characters were all credible and compelling in their own ways, with the play opening with a monologue with one of the female characters recounting a evening of distress interrupted with seemingly small but very real details of how she was cooking the beans at the time, ensuring that they didn’t over boil, and noting when they were eaten as the drama unfolded.

It was these very human needs and concerns that came through the play for me, highlighting every human being’s need to be loved and to love, despite being surrounded by fear and conflict. The set was also impressive, creating a very dark but real environment for the play to unfold.

After such a positive experience, I make a commitment here and now to go to more theatre over the coming year…